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Hot pics of Jimmy


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I admit that if the men you've listed were all in my personal acquaintance, things might look very different!!

And some of the other less well-known UK men are also rather lovely. :wub: That does just leave the rest of them ....

T&B I find Englishmen more charming and less smarmy than my local offerings, but then again I'm currently experiencing acute London saudade. :-)

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Jimmy with a fan this morning (november 11th)


I want to go to London now!

That's our very own HenryBonzo (his forum name on here) with Mr. Page!!

He posted all about his encounter on the "Out on the Town with Jimmy Page" thread beginning on page 16!


Very nice pic! :)

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Yes, FireOpal, I too thought it was a woman. However, I have to say she is not very feminine looking in facial terms. I can understand why some thought it was a bloke.

I like the dog though!

The beagle looks bored out of his mind. His owner is a woman, no? Look at her little hands and her purse.

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Ha, yeah that scarf is special now! And to think I was gonna bunk off work that day!

Dear Henry,

If I may speak for all Pagettes, we are so glad you went to work, went to lunch, had the mind to get an awesome photo AND ask good questions AND wear your nice scarf!


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