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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Just would like to point out, it was the late and great JEFF BUCKLEY who said that at a concert in Australia, as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant sat in the audience and Jimmy told that tale later in an interview.

Thanks Zepcollect. That is SUCH a Jeff Buckley statement. Not hard to imagine Jimmy picking up on it, but better to know that it came from Jeff, just seems right.

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[quote name="lipslikecherries" post="801768"

After looking at recent pictures, I think it'd be cool to see Jimmy in like a fluorescent blue shirt. :lol: Can't say I blame him though, my closet used to be filled with only black clothes because... they just look good.

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Ladies, happy friday. Almost weekend, so I thought I'd start off that weekend with some good pics!

(Oh and wish me luck ladies, I will hit the stage with my band-coaching group sunday evening. Should be fun!)

-Some oldies, but goodies:




-More recent goodies:

And what a lucky lady..., Jimmy with a member of all female tribute-band Lez Zeppelin:




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^ Lovely images to start the week-end with Maike. Thanks for those.

Yes, the lady from Lez Zep is not wasting a second of her tiime with Pagey :)

All the very best to you & your band for Sunday - what will you be playing?

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Yellowrose, once again. good pics!

Ladies, I am bummed........, my bandcoaching group had to cancel the small performance we had to do tonight (4 songs).........

Our lead singer is sick, she has a bad case of the flu.........

We were supposed to play these songs:

-Beast of burden, Bette Midler

-Girl, Anouk (dutch female rock singer)

-Fire (Pointer Sisters/Bruce Springsteen)

-I'm not so tough, Ilse de Lange (dutch pop/country singer)


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I prefer him in ordinary street clothes than the fancy dragon and poppy outfits that he wore in later concerts.

FYI, that is not Jimmy Page in that particular photo. It is Jimmy Sakurai. Not that it makes any difference with respect to what you were saying.

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