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Favorite Rolling Stones Guitarist

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On 2/11/2016 at 9:22 AM, imPLANTed said:

Keith doesn't do Jack s*&t.  He has always relied on the other guitarists in the band.  Without them, he'd be nothing.  Mick Taylor is the best!!!

"Keith doesn't do jack shit."

Have you listened to Let It Bleed lately? :lol: All but TWO of the guitar parts on that entire album are Keith's.

"He has always relied on the other guitarists in the band."

How about the period from Voodoo Lounge up to the Licks tour where more often than not Ronnie was drunk off his ass and Keith had to do all the heavy lifting guitar-wise onstage?

"Without them, he'd be nothing."

Without KEITH, there'd be no fucking Rolling Stones at all...

"Mick Taylor is the best!!!"

Mick Taylor was a good looking young man who happened to be a guitar player who happened to be in the right place at the right time, that's all. It could just as easily have been Clapton who replaced Brian Jones. People act like the sun shines out of Mick Taylor's ass but the hard truth is he had no more influence on the Stones' sound during that period than Nicky Hopkins or Bobby Keys did. 

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Taylor was more than just a pretty boy - far more in fact - and hope folks are OK with the "was" part - except something like "Sweetheart Like You" which was good I never paid attention after Goats Head Soup. His twin slide solos on "Love In Vain" at the (much smaller) gigs in preparation for the US tour are sheer virtuoso.  Or is plural virtuosi? Virtuosity? Let's just say "definitely virtuous." They are, in fact, very blatantly the highlight of those performances, as is (also) obvious from Jaggers' shrieks and wails. Anyhow there's more than one and I suppose that figures. Also, Jagger used to go Kamikaze exactly the same way right before Richards' exquisite solos on "Sympathy" before/at/around the time of Altamont. Stones all had impeccable taste for at least a decade, or to be honest in the company of Jimmy Miller, though Jagger became the flagrant preening prissy prancing fairy as early as '74 and RUINED EVERYTHING same time Kieth and Ronnie decided to be stellar together - for what - a month? All downhill and PRECIPITOUSLY from there.

Richards last (final testament) exhilarating (and occasionally blissful) moments were with the Faces at the '74 "Final Concert." The man never played a single impressive note from a soundstage after that. Seems Ron Wood was occasionally  very good with the Faces but everybody said that already.  His playing on the absolutely brilliant "Devotion" is sparse and marvelous - deadly sweet - IOW it'll kill ya.  To avoid being called an a-hole is good to mention was Brian Jones (honorably) prompted Howlin Wolf to join the band on TV.  Plus it appears it was his genius behind the best instrumental moments ("2120 Chess" harmonica - and Sumlin-like guitar?) the band ever created prior "Sympathy" unless you count something along lines of  "Like A Rainbow" ... Jones - I dunno, I'm not a musical genius so my opinion doesn't matter. But he strikes me as maybe somebody who's a really good musician but mainly "archivist" (vaguely) "like John Mayal?" IOW, if I read the signs correctly, since when I saw Mayal in a club with about 200+ in attendance, he played harp good or OK, surrounded himself with good-to-great musicians, and yet his own best music was the Van Morrison LP playing on the PA right before the show, IOW, good taste was his crowning glory - so what? Again he seems hip, but pay money to listen? Still not sure. I think, had he survived, Brian Jones would have VERY HIGHLY approved of his band's production (again Miller gets kudos?) and been their biggest #1 fan up through Goats Head. Plus, he'd have taken all the drugs so Richards would inevitably have had him off'ed anyhow. It's somehow ironic that Jones (apparently beings I wasn't there) made Richards look like a lightweight when it came to conspicuous consumption. I sincerely doubt, however, Jones ever could have risen to the virtuosity (God help me) of the glorious electric slide in FULL FLIPPIN' DISPLAY on this clip (or e.g. at the London Roundhouse in '71):


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