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Happy birthday Robert


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A hale and hearty Happy Birthday to THE Golden God himself, Robert Anthony Plant! From one Leo to another, I wish him plenty of sun and fun.

What is striking to me is what a spring chicken he still is relative to all his rock and roll compatriots. Just about everyone is in their 70s and 80s dotage and here's Robert still with a 6 before his age. Even Debbie Harry and Andy Summers have reached their 70s, which is staggering when you consider Led Zeppelin had already been superstars for seven-eight years before anyone had heard about Blondie or The Police.

I have been cranking the Led Zeppelin pretty hard and constant over the past year or so, ever since these remasters started coming out. But today, I think I'll celebrate another aspect of Robert's career...his solo and various post-Zeppelin collaborations.


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