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My new vocal-guitar composition


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You've got guts man,I'll give you that.

I got to around the 1;00 mark and...um.... :blink:

I know Ross. Kinda gets you right here, leaves ya speechless. Hey Ross, doesn't this bring you back about 8 years gone now? ;) Man, Samo. So this is from an album? I like the fuzz effect. You're tearing it up! This is atmospheric for sure. I wish you would post the lyrics for this one.

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It's Slovenian! Thanks for the good replies! Gives inspiration! It's laso rather dark, hence the quote at the end!

Lyrics, I'm shure this will help huh:

Pred mano polja,

za mano gore

in Sonca lesk,

se med tratami zasolzi,

ko stopam skozi reko ljubezni,

me njena strast utopi!


Pred mano s zmeraj,

še mnoge neprehojene poti

in ko po njih stopam,

ne vidijo me vsi!

To so moje neprehojene poti,

neprehojene poti,

ljudje ne razumejo teh poti,

zato po njih z mano stopaj ti!

Verse 2:

Ko s pticami se pogovarjam,

ki imajo jasen pogled na Zemljo

in ko padejo daljne sence,

se kičasta mavrica ljudi,

spremeni v temo

in le vrane me razumejo!

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