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All of My Love;A Disservice?

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On 2/2/2016 at 4:58 PM, ArmsofAtlas1977 said:

I think that the "20 minute" All My Love is an urban legend that might have grown of some weird combination of the 20 minute Helter Skelter (that actually exists) and the slightly extended version (which also actually exists.)  It is a shame the extended version wasn't released, but I think what would have been way better is an official release of Zurich concert from the 1980 tour.  It has three ITTOD songs and the FM source is even better than the Paris 69 he did release.  One of the best Achille's Last Stands as well!

Anyway, I feel All My Love is generally underrated.  It's some of their best lyrics, and beautiful performed.

What is this 20 minute helter skelter you mentioned and where can it be found?

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Grasbo I hope you meant  that the r issue has been  muddled instead of muddy...Nothing true about  AOML being muddy or a let down,  but on the contrary. And if Page really feels that way about this song, then you and him better Shema , indeed! By the way how are things in London..?

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