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Yer Favourite Album Cover?

Yer Favourite Album Cover?  

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  1. 1. Which ones your favourite?

    • Led Zeppelin I
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Led Zeppelin IV
    • Houses Of The Holy
    • Physical Graffitti
    • Presence
    • The Song Remains The Same
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Remasters / 1990 Boxset
    • BBC Sessions
    • How The West Was Won

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That image of the Hindenburg bursting into flames is one of the most memorable in the 20th century. It only seems appropriate that it's maiden voyage was the symbol of the maiden voyage of a band whose debut album was a explosion onto the music scene. Hell, even the construction number of the Hindenburg was LZ 129.

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Hell, even the construction number of the Hindenburg was LZ 129.

Actually it was DLZ129, but who's splitting hairs? :lol:

Could stand for Der Led Zeppelin right? ;)

Sorry, I was a huge dirigible buff as a kid.

I have to say my favorite cover is TSRTS. It was my first vinyl Zeppelin album in 1976, and listening to these sounds I'd never heard, particularly No Quarter, and gazing at those images of JPJ on horseback with the fog and the cross just impressioned upon me. I hadn't seen the film yet, and the pics in that inner booklet had me mesmerized. I won't say it's the best cover, but for personal reasons it's my favorite.

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I really love the cover of Houses of the Holy. It's beautiful I think.

I will go with HOTH also. Virginia Lohle was involved with that one and PG somehow also many of the pictures involved and inserted on some of theh others. At least this is what she told be.

Virginia is no longer with us.

Lohle and Bob Gruen.


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Hello All!

I have to go with untitled (IV)vinyl album. They proved without any band name or title that people whould by the album -no matter what the stupid critcs said. And with all the great songs (just as any of their albums), this one whether you like it or not gave us Stairway to Heaven. I still think this is the best Rock and Roll song in history. Not to mention all the other ballads on the album.

I guess for me it stood for something.The media was not good to them and this was their way of saying their opinion didn't matter. Made me proud and happy:-)

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IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR. Only I would have called the album IN THE EVENING and the song "In Through The Out Door". It would have been more abstract and still made sense because of what the words of the song are and what's in the picture. It's sort of like The Stones' STICKY FINGERS album....the album before it, LET IT BLEED, was going to be called STICKY FINGERS.

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well.........i'll go with in through the out door cuz any album that comes in a paper bag is alright with me (still have minecool.gif )

and i always think of "in through the out door" when indeed i do go in through the out door at the local convenience store...........cept...........i'm pretty sure the double meaning was a bit more like.............oh..............van halens "for unlawful carnal knowledge"

they thought it was fun to slip that one in on us back in the dayohmy.gifblink.gif

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