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Yer Favourite Album Cover?

Yer Favourite Album Cover?  

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  1. 1. Which ones your favourite?

    • Led Zeppelin I
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Led Zeppelin IV
    • Houses Of The Holy
    • Physical Graffitti
    • Presence
    • The Song Remains The Same
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Remasters / 1990 Boxset
    • BBC Sessions
    • How The West Was Won

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Well I have 2 answers for the question:

(1) Physical Graffitti because whenever I travel for work, I always look for a building like the one on the album cover

(2) The various In Through The Out Door time difference ones I like to look at while sitting in front of the woodstove in me entertainment room.

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Tough question for me, and nearly impossible to answer. Through the process of elimination, I would say that everything after ITTOD was artistically very poor. Of the first 8 albums. LZII and Presence were throw aways. Of the 6 remaining, LZ IV, PG, and ITTOD are stunning. Of those three, I was most mesmerized by LZ IV and PG. Of those two albums, LZ IV is the most iconic and mysterious. So, I will have to say LZ IV is my favorite.

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I rember reading somewhere that Keith Moon said the band will go down like a lead balloon so that iconic image of the Hindenberg zeppelin going down is a gas(sorry).Special mention to Remasters,HOTH and lll

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Led Zep I has always been my favourite, but Physical Graffiti is a close second. It's interesting to see what other fans have voted, and that there's no clear winner (too many have a similar amount of votes).

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