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Would LZ get the "Love" treatment?

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for those farmiliar with the Beatles' album LOVE, anyone see LZ or any other band creating that kind of album? I think it would be cool to mix up the different songs... but I'm not sure if it could be done...

IMO, the musical heart of LZ was the drumming... since each song had a very distinctive beat and rythm, it may be hard to put the right combos together... and have the combination sound good

I think it would be a great concept and an interesting listen if it was to happen... but, I would highly doubt it

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I think the demographic for Zep wouldn't be too thrilled to see effeminate guys in tights doing acrobatics with eachother to Whole Lotta Love like something out of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

The 'demographic for Zep'??? You, you mean. Speak for yourself and your own prejudices... What a stupid thing to say! Have you actually been to the show??

I saw the Love show this time last year and it was simply fantastic. My wife and I went with our parents and I was concerned it might not be everyone's cup of tea but everyone LOVED it. A true highlight of our Vegas trip...

As for the soundtrack, I see no reason whatsoever why it couldn't work with Led Zeppelin and I know it's been mentioned before (though can't remember where). I get the impression Zeppelin/Pink Floyd would be next on the Cirque du Soleil's wish list.

I'd LOVE it to happen with Zep though I'd hope Jimmy would be heavily involved - part of the success of the Love soundtrack lay in the fact George and Giles Martin produced it.

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I thought there'd be a rush of similar albums after Love. My money was on Wacko Jacko being first but I don't think there's been one other has there?

I think part of the fun of Love was working out which bit was from which song but as I'm not much of a fan I couldn't. That wouldn't be the same for LZ however and I love them to do such an album.

I don't share mos6507 crass veiws either but just because Love was for Cirque du Soleil it doesn't mean every such album has to be. A Floyd one would be great too.

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