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Robert Plant Cross Dressing!!?!???

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I dont think i have seen a thread on this so here goes. I have seen this picture around for a long time. There are others that go with this set, with Jimmy and Peter, but i cant find them right now. Anyway, What can anyone tell me about this photo? What year? Looks like 75. And who is that with him in the pic??? Where was this at??? This picture has always disturbed me a lil bit lol so i usually try to scroll past it lol but a different zep page posted it today and i decided to see what you all think here.... Disturbing right???? Or was it just them having fun??? All drunk and fucked up having a blast, in one of the rooms they had rented they found some dresses in a closet and started fucking around??? IDK what do you guys think???


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Hotel hi-jinks with Robert Plant & Roy Harper at the Continental Hyatt House in LA in May 1974. Page, Bonham, Jones and Grant also participated. Some of the photographs later appeared on Physical Graffiti album cover (Photo Credit: BP Fallon). 

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^^^ Nothing, IMO.

And, while in drag, didn't they bump into Stevie Wonder in the lobby or something, causing much awkwardness?

Why would Stevie Wonder even care? He is blind so he wouldn't have been able to see them dressed up anyway.


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