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Favorite Boot!! (Name only one)

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 I love this question. .but if I'm deserted on an island which one do I take?  Blueberry hill? San Francisco 73? Copenhagen 71? Listen to this Eddie 77? Seattle 73?  A half a dozen shows from 75? As the proud owner of 140 of the best shows Zep put on it's a tough question. . People of the forum help me solve this riddle and if you've heard a lot of shows you definitely have your favorites but which one do you end up on a deserted island with? 

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Blueberry Hill...great show, and helped kick off the whole bootleg thing which has been rather nice for many fans across the decades.  

 I agree :-) and the more I read about blueberry hill from back then it really did start the bootleg boom… It's amazing to me with as many shows that are out there and how hard Peter Grant and the boys tried to keep recording equipment out that so many people ended up making incredible shows… Now we all know about Mike Millard and his wheelchair  but what about everybody else? I mean recording equipment was in its infancy so you would think they would've caught more people… I would've hated been caught by Richard Cole or Peter Grant because I've heard horror stories :-)

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Snowblind 1 and 2 (came in one box set :-) )

Snowblind - 20 Mar 1975_6CD_inl a (2).jpg

That's my #2 right there! Don't forget both Seattle shows that week as well! Those are 4 of my favorite shows! But Vancouver 3/20/75 is my very favorite of the week/tour dispite the following night including several '75 gems. Kashmir was extremely powerful that night, and Plant's vocals were out of this world! 

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