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Making a documentary on a L.Z. tribute band


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Good day all,


I hope I am allowed to post this on here. If not I am sorry, please direct me to the correct topic page.

I am making a documentary on a Led Zeppelin tribute band who are located in New York. I was hoping to make some contacts somewhere within 50 miles of New York that can help me promote the film and the band. There is no pay but credit will be given as well as a copy of the film wen it is completed. I will provide free admittance to their shows so that anyone willing to contribute an article, photo shoot and or both will receive a press pass for front stage and backstage. Please message me on this forum or email me at my personal email: Twocuzinsshow@aol.com.

Anyone seriously interested please reach out to me. Below please find their website with up coming show information.



George Canzaniello

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