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Top 5 boots categorised in detail


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Sure, there are many threads covering best boots. But now its time for the forum experts - and anyone who wants to - to pen reviews on THE premiere (5) live performances captured on bootlegs (not official obviously) - BUT - split in categories. Either settle in for a mad 30 odd minutes excursion unloading your thoughts, or move on.....

Your analysis for each category WILL contains....

  • Why it is the best (why this choice in particular is in top 5 you have chosen)
  • Shortcomings of this particular boot, and why this is worth overlooking those shortcomings.
  • Specific songs (or moments/solo's) that cement it as your pick - or simply elevate the rest of the "average" material into TOP 5!
  • A comment on the particular year/setlist you decided upon (a lot of pundits have specific era's they are fond of - why is this yours?)
  • Which bootleg release - what makes you think that's the one? (EVSD vs Tarantura or whatever)
  • What just missed the cut and why?

The categories....

  1. 5 x best sounding bootlegs - "It's like I was freakin THERE!!!!!" *Could EASILY qualify as live release its that good in sound quality alone. Might be the band were a bit flat, but its like an official damn release! Great to listen to for quality.
  2. 5 x best renditions of the set list in a bootleg - "They never nailed it like they did THIS night!!!!!" *applies to most if not ALL of the performed tracks on the boot. The improv! The musical journey this particular night was just OUT THERE!!! Must be at least decent sound quality, but might not be the best.
  3. OVERALL TOP 5. Grand daddy's that are ALL OF THE ABOVE. That is they are of exceptional quality, display the band at their ultimate live best, and contain at least ONE SONG that is the "ultimate" live rendition in your eyes. (obviously can be an amalgamation of above). Why?
  4. THE 5 x Bootlegs that are not a top 5 - BUT - that ONE song is UNDISPUTED BEST EVER rendition in quality and performance. That boot that does not cut it. But that one killer song......

Probably been done to death, but I am guessing a lot of the more "committed" shall I say, Zep fans here would LOVE to respond in depth and detail. At least I hope so.

I myself would love to, but I am early into my journey. I have heard amazing stuff that baffles me as to why it has not been officially released to specific songs that just are mind blowing on otherwise hard to listen to boots. And I have only just scratched the surface.

So think about it, and give us your mad reviews!

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The RO list is a superb reference, and I'm sure many here have made great use of it, myself included. It is a bit out of date now though; there are a few new releases I'd put on that list, ahead of what they have there.

My specialty is 1975, I've listened to and written about the whole lot in some detail, so I may be able to do something there.

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