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31 disc Earls Court set by Empress Valley!


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EV is far superior to T2K set. The T2K is full of errors (ie. raw source transitions, heavy mastering, missing several seconds from each of sources etc.). The EV set is well organized. Each date is mixed from best sources possible, all of them have a very smooth editing and source transitions are greatly applied throughout. The 5/18 and 5/23 are huge upgrades to the previously available versions. Both boards (5/24 and 5/25) have a much better dynamics and 5/25 audience is available in its best quality (despite of being sourced from mediocre quality tape source). The bonus stuff included has its debut on silver disc as it contains stuff from vinyl bootlegs pressed in 1980s (No Quarter aka Red Devil and earl's Court I & II), it also contains an hour of so called second audience source for 5/25 which isn't available anywhere too. If you're looking for a definitive version of all 5 dates, get that EV set and forget about T2K one.

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I don't think it excessive and money grabbing. Yes it's expensive - I paid $ 560.- when it came out, but I've seen prices as high as $ 800.- nowadays - but on the other hand you get all audience & soundboard sources in one exquisite, numbered box.

And 31 cd's for just $ 560.-? That's about $ 18.-/cd (In Europe it's about € 455,- or € 14,60/cd).

Btw. I think it's about 8 GB in total 

In red the foundation for the mix.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-25 om 14.27.23.png

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