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"Def Leppard - The Overture"

And with this message that I bring to you 
A beacon of light to see you through 
For the time is on our side 
And a holy man does say to me 
To always to be blind and never to see 
It's not the way he planned it, oh no 

The time has come to gather up your thoughts 
For you have said your piece 
The lords of light will change this land 
From famine into feast 
The buildings that once stood so tall
Have crumbled to the ground 
The silver warriors who came in force 
Are nowhere to be found 

Time is the essence the priests do say 
To restore your faith in man 
For the job you do and the role you play 
Will help rebuild this land 
Through empty streets and dusty fields
We'll fight for what we need 
Protected by our swords and shields
We can replant the seed 

The roads ahead are long and winding 
On which the bandits thrive 
But we have the power of finding 
Illusion to keep us alive 
So through the valleys and over the hills
We'll march and sing in rhyme 
We'll fight until we lose our will 
For essence is our time 

The sun, the moon, the darkened sky 
The morning dew reflecting in my eye 
The rising mist, the dampened earth 
Are just reminders of what life's worth 

And with this message that I bring to you 
A beacon of light to see you through 
For time is on our side 
For time is the essence

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