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Best Page & Plant boot


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On 12/29/2015 at 9:29 PM, tmtomh said:

I'm much better versed on the audio than the video. Some recommendations for audio:

  1. 1995 04 01 Auburn Hills (Detroit) - great-sounding multitrack mixdown exists of about five of the songs from this show
  2. 1995 05 19/20 Oakland/San Jose - very nice 1995 performances. 5 19 is thought to be a slightly better performance and exists in a fantastic sounding audience recording. 5 20 exists in a similarly good-sounding AUD, as well as a mono soundboard - but by far the best is a Westwood One source for an FM broadcast. Only covers 11 of the songs, but by far the best-sounding, fantastic
  3. 1995 06 25 Glastonbury - a shorter, festival set, but sounds great, and kicks ass. Either a professional mix or a soundboard, I forget which. The best-sounding version I've heard is from a DVD that includes video.
  4. 1995 09 29 Albuquerque/10 03 Irvine Meadows - Two great shows in the Western US. I think many fans prefer 9 29, but I favor 10 03, partially because of the sound.
  5. 1996 02 13, 15 and 17 Japan - Fantastic Japan run, these are the three shows that exist in SBD quality. These shows include the aforementioned Tea for One performance, as well as a stupendous version of The Rain Song. My favorite is the final show on the 17th, but all three are great. They are available in excellent, though very slightly dry, soundboard quality - but my favorites are fan-made soundboard-audience matrix versions. You can't go wrong with these three dates in virtually any format.
  6. 1998 03 25 Shepherd's Bush Empire (London) - opening show of the 1998 tour. Most folks feel the later shows on this tour are better, and it's true that Page was in his best form since 1973 during the later '98 shows. But this one is still great IMHO, and available in very good sound quality. In fact, three tracks are available in full official-release quality on the Japanese CD max-single of "Shining in the Light." The sound quality is phenemonal.
  7. 1998 03 30 Paris - an FM radio source of a very energetic show. Source is a bit compressed (because it's an off the air recording and FM stations always use compressors), but IMHO well worth it.
  8. 1998 08 23 Cologne - a festival performance but pretty much a full-length set. Also available in video. Great sounding soundboard - not official release quality but close. Fantastic performance - this is the show most folks point to when they argue that late 1998 saw Page playing his best guitar in 25 years.
  9. 1998 09 23 Las Vegas - I would rank this just below Cologne in performance and sound quality, but still excellent.
  10. 1998 10 01 New Orleans - I can't remember if this is an FM broadcast recording or a pre-FM soundboard. But it's a great, and somewhat overlooked, show. There are a couple of versions of this (based on different FM recordings I guess), and some are much duller sounding than others. The best-sounding one is very good indeed.
  11. 1998 12 10 Paris - a very brief set as part of an Amnesty International benefit show, and P & P's last show. There's an official DVD, and the soundtrack is excellent sonically. I think their mini-set from this show is great.


If I had to pick the top one from each year, I guess I'd choose 1995 10 03 Irvine Meadows; 1996 02 17 Japan; and 1998 8 23 Cologne.

Hope this helps!

I've gotten back into sharing live torrents and found the 1996-02-17 Nagoya, Japan show. It's a matrix (SBD-AUD mix). The sound is superb and holy F', Pagey? He's gotta be kidding with that solo on Custard Pie.😲 Granted it was over a decade earlier, but this blows away the 02 show, just FYI in case anyone is wondering if it's worth digging into these shows. (It is. 🙂

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9 hours ago, AchillesLastBand said:

I'm not an expert, but 1996-02-17 - Century Hall, Nagoya, JP is STELLAR. The very popular '98 New Orleans show is for me unfortunately ruined by sound quality. Swishy drums.


Don’t really listen to NO. But if you haven’t heard them, you should check out the Vegas and Rockplast (?) 98 shows. 

In any case, better than when I saw them in 98 in Manchester. 

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On 6/26/2021 at 7:25 AM, luvlz2 said:


Not heard this boot before, so thanks for posting. Really enjoyed it and the matrix is brilliant. Does anyone happen to know if there is a good matrix of the 15/2/96 Osaka show, the night they played ten years gone? 

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