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If you could choose, would you rather hear the original vocal melodies on TSRTS, or do you like Plant with his more limited range?


TSRTS Vocal Performance  

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  1. 1. Instrumentation would be the same BUT, do you prefer the altered melodies after Plant damaged his voice? Or do you wish he were still able to dig into his original range to sing those performances like he did pre-73 (mostly)

    • Give me Plant at his full range - original melodies to the max!
    • I prefer exactly what he gave us after he damaged his voice.

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Out of curiosity, if you guys had the ability to hear live performances of the instrumentals from TSRTS with Robert Plant singing the original melodies with his pre-73/late-72 vocal range, would you be interested? Primarily on songs like "Rock And Roll," "Black Dog," "Over The Hills And Far Away,"  "Stairway To Heaven," "Heartbreaker," and "Whole Lotta Love." Or do you prefer the augmented melodies that Plant sings with his more limited vocal range? I feel like TSRTS would be an infinitely more interesting and energetic show if Plant had still been capable of hitting the original melodies (while still ad-libbing in the same fashion that he was known for in their live performances). In my opinion, "Over The Hills And Far Away" died the day Plant lost his ability to sing the original melody, no matter how amazing the instrumentation. I just want to get a good feel for the consensus out there. Do you like the augmented vocal melodies? Or do you wish Plant were still able to hit those soaring high notes and sing the original melodies for those performances (and all subsequent tours as well)?

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My answer is a bit of a compromise but here it is. I wish Plant would have kept his original vocal range, however I would have preferred that he, through age and experience, would have toned it down considerably and come into his vocal style of 77' and onward on his own. So, I prefer his more mature tone and delivery, however I also would have liked it if Plant still had the ability to hit the high notes when needed to add color and depth to a particular song vs. the screaming monkey Plant of 68 - 72. In all honesty I thought Plant, 68 - 72 was like a kid discovering his dick for the first time in regard to his range. That is, he kept playing with the damn thing and would not leave it alone, always in a constant state of erection and climax.

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early robert plant for sure. his bright voice and high pitch screaming is what set him apart from all the other frontmen of the time. while there are a lot of other unique vocalist i.e. john fogerty, ozzy, bon scott ect.... none of them had the vulnerability and expressiveness like robert plant. 

I think if you compare, robert plants early vocal can take a song to a completely different level.




however, with where led zeppelin was as a whole during the mid 70's and later, I feel robert plants voice worked well. their later shows were more experimental and airy than the tight, dark and heavy feel they had with their earlier stuff.

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