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Robert Plant Charity Meet & Greet 3/11/2016 (James Burton)


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From the legendary James Burton.....


I am so excited to be able to offer something truly special…..On Friday, March 11th, you have the opportunity for a special meet and greet with the one and only, Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin fame) backstage at the Municipal Auditorium. Robert, who is a great believer in the work we do for the kids, wanted to help us raise much needed money for the James Burton Foundation.

For the donation of $2500, this special package will give you two great seats to the show plus the opportunity for you and your guest to spend some time with not only Robert Plant, but myself as well. This is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ that you’re not going to want to miss!!!

All proceeds from donations go directly to the James Burton Foundation and the James Burton International Guitar Festival and will be tax deductible. Space is very limited and going fast. Only ten packages in total are being sold.

If you are interested, please contact the foundation office at 318-424-5000 or email jamesburtonfest@aol.com
Again, I personally want to thank you for all of your support the James Burton Foundation for the kids.

God Bless You!
James Burton



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I just purchased a ticket to see Robert in Dallas, Texas on March 15.  I only paid $60.77 for my ticket.  If this was happening in Dallas, I would gladly pay the $2500 to meet with Mr. Plant and Mr. Burton and have my donation go directly to the James Burton Foundation.  I am all for good charities and worthwhile causes and if the $2500 gets me to shake hands with and Thank Mr. Plant, how could I resist? 

The only problem is that this is happening on Friday, March 11, only it seems, and I have My ticket for Dallas 4 days later. 

How many people on this Great and Awesome Led Zeppelin Forum in the United States of America and the rest of the civilized World can also claim that they have a ticket(s) to see the Greatest Singer in the History of Rock and Roll in a mere 9 days from the time of this post? 

I suppose that I am bragging about this, and I am.  I will do My best to get as close as I can when I see Mr. Plant and if I do, I will say to Him that this Led Zeppelin Forum and Website is the Best internet site in the history of internet sites. 

If no one replies to this post then I know that I am a very lucky person.  I will be in the Presence of Robert Plant in 9 days and in one of Robert Plants favorite cities in the United States.  "Dallas, are you receiving Us"? 


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Burton still looking great. I remember watching him play with Elvis in the '68 comeback rehearsal footage and in the On Tour '70s video. Burton always looked kinda serious and not really into Elvis's japes and high-school humour. Great guitarist. Very versatile.

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Pretty cool event.  I actually shook hands with James Burton about 15 years ago at one of those Elvis in Concert shows with the band playing and Elvis singing on screen.  It was actually pretty cool and was at that theatre in MSG in New York.  We were up close so I got to shake hands with some of Elvis' band including James Burton.

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