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Looking for someone to talk about LZ on our podcast!

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Hi everyone. Thank you for having me.

My name is Efrain and I'm the host of Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos. We are a podcast that tackles each of Tori's officially released tracks in order, originals and covers. If it was officially released, we do an episode on it. I'm here because next week we will be recording our episode for Tori's cover of LZ "Thank You" and I'd love to have a huge LZ fan on the show for an interview. We are looking for someone who can give a little history of the song "Thank You" as it falls in the LZ body of work, and this person must also be able to speak positively of the Tori Amos cover. 

If you are interested in speaking over the phone with us next weekend about the track, please email me at songsoftoriamos@gmail.com

The interview should take no more than 10-15 minutes and will likely take place Sunday afternoon 3/13/2016


Many thanks for your time


Tori's cover can be found here: 


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