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The "what did you get/what did you want for Christmas thread.

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I got:

Bob Dylan Royal Albert Hall 1966

Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Review 1975

Howlin' Wolf Live In 1970 (DVD)

A new wallet

Smartwool shirt

Smartwool socks

as well as sundry chocolates, pistachio nuts, caramels, etc.

I'm well pleased. :D

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Sandisk mp3 player

Shirt (Zeppelin)

I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert

Tickets to see the Foo Fighters

100 dollars

25 dollar gift certificate to Chapters (book store)

I wanted a Creative Zen mp3 player...but this one has turned out to be pretty good.

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Jarjaxle what's I am America, I know it's a book, but what's it about?

Basically, it's all of Stephen Colbert's (humourous, and not serious) ideas of what America should be concerning different aspects of life and whatnot, I haven't read much yet but it's pretty funny so far.

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Sam, what's smart wool?

Look for them at REI or a similar camping store. Smartwool socks are the cushiest, most well made socks in the world. I gave four pairs myself this year. Try them, your feet will thank you. (I guess they're branching out into shirts now- I like the one I got . . .)

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Well, it's about time someone sheds some humorous light on our situation. Though, with his usage of grammar, I must say that Bush does a good job of that.

Bush's Grammar is not nearly as funny as when he explains things, For example when he explained how OBGYNs like to practice making love to women. Whenever he opens up, I am ready for a laugh.

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I got a couple biographies (One of the Who and the other about the Rolling Stones), a couple McFarlane figures from the Lost series, The Kids are Alright DVD by the Who (Which is fuckin' awesome, by the way), 2008 Star Trek calender and money from Dad to get my pair of Adidas shoes. I didn't get the Star Trek manga comic book and The Song Remains The Same box set (Which I understand, because it became very hard to find soon after it came out. Even I couldn't find it. Wish me luck getting it in the new year!).

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From my mum I got-

Three shirts, socks, underwear, an alarm clock which I really really needed :lol: an ink well and two pens

From my dad I got a bag of candy, some earrings and a necklace.

From my grandparents I got- two sweaters, a necklace and an old pen that belonged to my great grandmother.

From my uncle I got- Mothership and In Through the Out Door on CD! Finally I have the CD!! :lol:

I like giving things as well: For my mum I got a vase, my dad a desktop calendar and my brother a DVD of the show about disgusting jobs.

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I got $50 from my brother, which is ridiculous...mostly because I had nothing at all for him. I wish I had something to give him, but the only thing I know that he likes is money and I didn't have any :lol:. That would've been kinda pointless anyways :rolleyes:. It's not the right way to think, but I was reminded tonight that my mom and I used to work and we'd buy presents (among so many other things) for all of us, so I don't feel too too bad about it. He got my mom and I a present-present each as well, but we haven't opened those yet. I don't quite know why they wanted to put it off, but they always do :rolleyes:. Oh and I still have some money coming from my mom :D

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I got from my folks (My dad bought all of it, but it's from my folks)

Guitar Hero III for the PS2

320GB external HD

$100 gift card to Target

I got this from my sister

A pack of Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers

A check for 40 bucks

A funny ass wise cracking parrot toy

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