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The "what did you get/what did you want for Christmas thread.

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It's the one that's got all the dead sea minerals and stuff in it. I may be easily amused but I think it's just the coolest thing :)

That is exavtly what I have, and we can be easily amused together. It amazes me. I wonder how it makes your nails so shiny.

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I got a couple of turtlenecks from my sister... which I wanted... except they were colors I already have... so I exchanged them for different colors tonight.

I got a toaster oven... from my sister... and my friends just gave me one like a week ago... so she's taking it back for the cash.

I got a pretty ring... from my sister... which is identical to one I already had except a different size... so I kept it because I have more options for which finger to wear it on now.

I got a counter-top paper towel holder from my sister... which was put to use immediately.

I got an awesome mixed CD from my brother... which I haven't had a chance to listen to yet, but I already know I love everything on it (it's all old blues and soul).

I got a scented oil reed diffuser from my sister... which I haven't put to use yet but will soon because the 2nd bedroom of my new apartment still reeks of cat urine from the stupid former tenant.

I think that covers it, really... I can't think of anything else. I still have the birthday celebration comin' up too :)

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I also got a used beach bag from my incredibly insincere aunt. She always sends me stuff her kids didn't want. She once sent me a box that was locked. With no key. Like I wouldn't ever figure that out :rolleyes:

That's awful. If I were you I'd send it back to her. :o

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Various members of my family still send me stuff. They can't break the habit. I don't mind.

Very happy about this:


My aunt hit the jackpot with this and a $50 itunes gift card!

I still don't have an itunes account, though.

I'm nervous about them scanning my HD to see what songs I have... :rolleyes::blink:

(How's that Buffalo Springfield song go again?... )

and very pleasantly surprised by this:


My other aunt said she heard James Joyce reading Finnegans Wake on NPR (National Public Radio) and became determined to get this for me.

I was in the middle of reading that the last time I saw her (about a year and a half ago) and made her sit through a few passages of me reading it aloud. My grandfather, her father, was in the hospital at that time and I thought anything would be better than nothing. I'm glad it gave her something positive to take out of a really tough time for all of us.

The rest is some much needed clothes. My family knows I hate shopping for clothes and will just continue to wear worn out things indefinitely. They're image conscious.

I gave a set of Savarez nylon strings to my partner and extra 1 and 2 strings since neither of us have ever strung a Spanish guitar and I'm sure there will be mistakes. We also went out to the sushi restaurant down the street and I treated us to Tokuzushi (the "Special" Plate). Man it was good.

I also mailed out shows I taped to the musicians in Tokyo, Seattle and San Diego who let me record them. Apparently they arrived on Christmas Eve. So it was lucky timing.

I was holding out to see if anyone would gift me the TSRTS in any form, but it didn't happen, so I need to get online and order that baby.

I'm so happy, my husband finally got me an engagement ring!! :yay:

When we got married last year, we didn't have a lot of money, so I didn't have one. But my wonderful husband sure surprised me this Christmas!! :wub: He even put it on my finger and asked me if I'd marry him :lol:

I can't stop looking at my hand :lol: He also got me a few movies that I wanted :D

That's sweet!

I got a very cool telescope. I guess I'm supposed to be using it to star-gaze, however the blonde across the way had her circus undies on last night. I couldn't resist taking a peek. Ole Scratch....he would have been proud.

^ Switch up !

You don't want one eye getting bigger than the other ! :D

Do you think the neighbors might get suspicious if I go out and do some strategic tree trimming ?.....my view is currently slightly obstructed. :D

I immediately thought of this:


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Look for them at REI or a similar camping store. Smartwool socks are the cushiest, most well made socks in the world. I gave four pairs myself this year. Try them, your feet will thank you. (I guess they're branching out into shirts now- I like the one I got . . .)

I have a few pairs of Smartwool socks myself. I wear them when I go snowshoeing or snow mobiling. They make a whole line of long underwear, too. They're supposed to be really good. I stick to the old Air Force-issued polypropylene that Dave gives me. :lol: (except that I need new long john pants because the ones that I wore last year are too big to fit under any of my pants!)

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Oh yeah, and I got an agreement from my mom to take a little shopping trip with me on New Year's Day (since I'll be off work and she's retired). :) It's not really for Christmas, it's for my birthday... which is the same day... so I think it counts. I happen to know that one of my sisters got me an Old Navy gift card ('cause I told her I wanted one), and I also know I'm getting a gift card to someplace else... more general than that. It was a bad year for me kind of spoiling the "surprise"- but shit, when you're 29 and you can't think of anything in particular that you want, it kind of kills the surprise element anyway!

But I'm excited to do a little shoppin' with Mom. We always have a good time, and we haven't done it in ages.

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From my wife I got:

Ken Burns' "The War" DVD box set

"The Year of Living Biblically" by AJ Jacobs (hilarious book)

iTunes gift card

Best Buy gift card

running clothes

a 40th anniversary book about "Charlie Brown Christmas" (yep, I'm a big kid at heart)

pair of jeans

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Well, I got...

Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix DVD

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to complete my collection of the series (See, I had never actually wanted to own those books - my flatmate had them so I finally read them....after all those years she had tried to talk me into it :rolleyes: , but after I bought the last book this summer, I finally realized that it's rather silly to have just Deathly Hallows, so I finally decided to get the rest.)

a fancy leather purse

an USB flashdisc and an optical mouse

William Shakespeare - Complete Works, edited by Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen (Royal Shakespeare Company edition)

some sweets

.....and an overcoat - it was supposed to be for Xmas, but I've been wearing it since November :rolleyes:

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A ticket to London :D

A ticket to a special concert :D

A treadmill

A super-ultra-max juice maker (really, I'm afraid of the thing, it's huge :blink: )

Some CDs and DVDs

An espresso coffee machine and some special coffee

A bikini

An office chair

A dress

I'm spoiled B)

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^^I sentence you to endless days on that treadmill in payment for that ticket to London and to that "special concert". God I hate you! :angry:

I joke of course! No one is more deserving than you Celia! I just wish I could have stood beside you!! Angi and I both. Kisses (and envy) Ev

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