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Your top 5 heavy moments to come from the mighty Zep


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Hi Y'all

For all the studio works, and live shows, there certainly were a lot of heavy moments be they particular passages, entire songs, or single moments.

So without further ado, here is my top 5 HEAVY moments from the greatest Band EVER.....

1. The intro drums to The Song Remains The Same on 21 June 1977. If that shit does not get you rockin and full-on in the zone - nothing will. In fact, I recommend you attend a physician as you may already be dead!

2. The drum runs at the end of the musical interlude in Dazed and Confused (probably every version EVER) that leads back to the main riff. Always a killer! You just can't help but air-drum and thrash your head a around a bit.

3. Trampled Underfoot from one of several 1980 shows. I thought these were their BEST for heavy intensity for this song. Probably Frankfurt. I like the EC versions since it has video and is simply incredible to behold, but it is just not as "heavy".

4. RAH - How Many More Times from the Led Zeppelin DVD. The audio and video of the lads rockin out is just dynamite. They are just so on and to me it is beautifully HEAVY.

5. Custard Pie - the whole song. From the greatest album ever released. Just an epic. HEAVY, powerful, and sexy. Can you imagine a better opening to a double album for a band that was just rising higher and higher? Imagine being in that time - and getting that for the first time - first listen. I'd dead set WEEP.

As with most things Zeppelin, this list will no doubt be different very soon for me, but that's a start. I also know this list is fairly tame and "generic" I am hoping for some lists that have specific drum runs or guitar passages or whatever from specific shows. I have not heard enough yet to do a very targeted list.

So what yours? What particular moments or tracks for you are Zeppelin at their supremely HEAVY best? Only 5. Can be moments, songs, a whole damn concert if that's what you really think.

I know "heavy" may mean a lot of things to a lot of people and that's fine. Just whatever it means to you. It's a bit of fun, not science.


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Hmm. Top of the head.


Killing Floor SF4/27/69

In the Light the first time I ever heard it.

Same with No Quarter on the official 73 live album

Mars Bringer of War part in DC

The whole Destroyer concert in 77

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So tough... But off the top of my head...

1. Intro to good times bad times... Its so heavy the audio is clipping...

2. Communication breakdown... Punk what?

3. Whole lotta love... Such a simple riff but it just rips

4. Immigrant Song... Hammer of the Gods

5. When the levee breaks... If those drums keep on reigning my skull is gonna split...

Bonus: all things live... Good bad ugly im addicted to it all


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Nice idea, I like it !

1 : Killing floor intro 27/04/1969 like No Quota : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaSWjFCi0DI

2 : Knebworth Whole Lotta Love, that fu**** kinda upside down WLL riff and the whole song is gold. https://youtu.be/B0hVqSKks5s?t=1m48s

3 : Ending live solo to Whole lotta love : https://youtu.be/uiLKT5rPHBA?t=12m9s

4 :  Intro to the Show/Train Kept a rollin' at Fillmore west : https://youtu.be/zqse8XzrAqE?t=13s

5 : Album non-release version/outro to WLL,  I mean come on the ending is way better than the album version ! https://youtu.be/LxUl3GiqlBQ?t=5m38s

Funny how I only have Whole lotta love and Fillmore west in my list, but it's the first heavy moment that came to my mind, I agree with everything above, especially the outstanding drumming intro to the "Listen to this Eddie" live.



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Rotterdam 6/21/80 Heartbreaker , it's a bolt from the blue. Each stanza Jimmy rips more furiously

Essen 3/22/73 (Winston) Dazed And Confused, Thunderous, blazing  some of Zeps heaviest performances during this German jaunt.

 Frankfurt 6/30/80 Trampled Underfoot Jimmy's lightning and Jonesy's thunder and Bonzo is a human cyclone. Probably the only time they nailed the "New Heavy Version" 100%

Achilles Last Stand Album Version. Very heavy live versions of this song but with like 20 layers of Jimmy frying the frets , Manic drum fills , and Metal on metal bass sound from JPJ . Really mind blowing after a couple of spins.  

Earls Court 5/25/75 The Encores, WLL, Black Dog Heartbreaker and Communication Breakdown . Thermal. They left it all on the stage after that.

Notable: Thank You  Nasty Music Matrix 1/22/73 Hynodesignclassics  on Y.T. does a remaster (more of a novelty) version heavy EQ on Guitar and Drums both highly boosted but somehow how balanced with Vocal. You can literally  feel how hard Bonzo is pounding the skins and Jimmy is shredding . Keys slightly audible. I'm computer idioliterate cannot link it. ("Thank You Remaster A+++ from Lost Album") .Not a "real performance" but pretty cool.

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As I experienced them live in concert:


  • Led Zeppelin opening with "Heartbreaker" in August of 1970 in Ft. Worth.
  • "Whole Lotta Love" from that 1970 concert.
  • "Dazed and Confused" solo from Jimmy Page on March 4th, 1975 in Dallas
  • "Kashmir" as performed in Ft. Worth in April of 1977
  • "Ten Years Gone" as performed in Houston in April of '77
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To follow up...led zeppelins whole catalogue is rhythmically heavy and dynamic. The arrangement of, in the light, is heavy. The blues rock riff of night flight is heavy, even though there is piano ontop, darlene is heavy, its mostly all heavy on the records.

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