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Keith Emerson of ELP fame is dead at 71

The Rover

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Oh, no wonder I couldn't find it in my title search in the "Other Bands/Music" Forum, as I thought his passing would be worth a dedicated thread here...


Anyway, I saw ELP perform on their glorious Brain Salad Surgery Tour in Feb. of 1974. Quad speakers, and plenty loud, even in the cheap seats inthe upper balcony ! !




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Just beyond sad. Saw them back in the day a few times. Loved the music and still do quite often. I just cannot believe how many of the truly great ones we are losing. So much wonderful music and memories. Hard to wrap your head around the loss we have had lately.

My thoughts are with his family. He will live on in the music forever.   

R.I.P Keith Emerson.  




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I've seen 2010 reunion footage on YouTube. It was obvious something was very wrong. Poor guy was barely using his ring and pinky fingers on his right hand. They were kind of tucked in.

Luckily, he had one of the greatest left hands of any keyboardist ever,  so he was compensating for it as much as he could. But, his playing was affected by his ailment and he had to deal with some limitations. Obviously so much of his music is very difficult to play and being a perfectionist.. Just sad. 

Terrible loss of one of our greatest musical virtuosos.. 

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In celebration of Keith Emerson's 76th birthday, The Keith Emerson Estate and Cherry Red Records announce the long-awaited release of "The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert" on March 11, 2021 (the fifth anniversary of Keith's passing). https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/all-star-keith-emerson-tribute-concert-to-be-released-on-blu-ray/

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