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Best Song Remains the Same


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I have searched and gone back 5 pages of live forum, no result - so me thinks this might be worthy to post...

What is the BEST TSRTS live version?

The Eddie one is an absolute favorite of mine for the unbeatable BEAST drum intro - but overall favorite? - not sure - in the future when they make the boot sound like your NEXT to the band, it no doubt will be (this will happen, I just hope I am here to see it!). The quality of the boot is incredibly important (clarity of soundboard or outstanding AUD recording).

So - whats your ranking - lets say top 3 - TSRTS - with reason. It might be it set up a particularly EPIC show. It may be that the track standing alone is the best ever in your view.





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This is one song that Zeppelin just didn't improvise enough to make worthy for going out of one's way to check out other versions. But always an enjoyable song to hear during shows.. My favorite is probably Seattle ~ March 17, 1975 just because I love how Plant sings "Hear my song.. Seattle, won't you listen now? Sing along, yeah.." lol.

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The Studio Version on the reissue is an audiophiles dream . It's perfectly executed too. I play both SRS and RS at extremely high volume on my home . I also play SRS instrumental as a prelude to RS. Great listening 

It is among my favorites but varies little when played live except an occasional lyric change as said already.

Its a seemingly complex song and not easy to play live  especially as an opener.

Winstons Seattle 73 and the early Japanese ones Zep and The Campaign come to mind in addition The Grand Finale 7-29-73 too. Millards 75 & 77 are great. Long Beach 75 is replete with bum notes or "sticky fingers". No matter JPJ , is wicked on the bass

The live versions are often flubbed a bit but it's of no consequence. Love JPJ bass work so the bottom heavy live versions are favored.

Just love the song but the studio version trumps them all for me

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5/30/77 is my favorite, and I've listened to all of the versions with decent sound quality. Some from the LA '77 and NYC '77 run come close, but that is the best to my ears. Power and looseness, healthy mix of both.

Not bad eh? Bonus points for changing their sound from the '73 and '75 norm. Was a great sound but was getting old.


The version I have seems to have more bottom than that, idk, maybe its youtube

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