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Jimmy Page vs. Jimi Hendrix


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On 8/27/2022 at 11:08 AM, JMH said:

Someone here had listened to Machine Gun from Band of Gypsys and it hadn’t worked for him. Well as a Zep fan he/ she has got to be a blues fan too.

I believe that was me. Funny that I started reading through this thread just now and didn't even remember that I'd posted to it. Then rereading what I'd posted, I'm thinking "what the hell did I post that for?" I must have been in a mood or something. I'm not actually much of a blues fan. Blues rock I can do, but straight blues I just don't have an ear for, I guess. But I will check out the Hendrix tune from Berkeley that you mentioned. I do find that I like Hendrix live more than anything from the studio, so I'll give that a listen.

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Nice, give some feedback then if it is your cuppa or not.


edit: Pass It On from the evening show blows me away with its groove too. Much better than what they eventually canned in the studio (Straight Ahead)

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Chiming in late here, but seeing as Jimi and Jimmy are my top 2 favorite rock guitarists, had to chime in!

Rather a ranking of who is better, I like the characterization made by Josh Homme (of Kyuss/QOTSA/Them Crooked Vultures), something to the effect of that Page and Hendrix are the epitome in the rock guitar realm, one being "the light" (Hendrix) and "the darkness" (Page) - though plenty had both shades in their music - both genius!


I Would try to find the exact quote from Homme on Youtube, it was part of Matt Sweeney's 'Guitar Moves' series, but looks like those vids have disappeared! :(



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