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The Led Zeppelin Trilogy


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I'm throwing this out there for people to get creative. Let's assume that in each location that Zep hits, they will perform across three nights. Each night let's say they can't go much longer than the O2 show, maybe two and a half hours tops if you include all the gaps between songs. So what they are doing is splitting a larger setlist across multiple shows. So when you buy tickets, you're buying into Episode I, II, or III.

Your goal is to build three setlists to fit into this timeslot. But it can't just be any arbitrary setlist. Each evening should provide at least one, preferably two lengthy jam session opportunities as well as ample downtime for resting. Also, you'll want to avoid having a guitar change between each and every song so they can perform some songs sequentially without any gaps (this usually happened with the first few opening songs).

You may want to group the setlists into themes. For instance, the first night might be heavy but short songs, the 2nd night might be all acoustic, and the 3rd night all jamming. That way people who are into a certain flavor of Zep could just buy tickets for that evening's setlist. Or you might have each night follow an abbreviated 1977 type setlists where the heavy songs are bookended by an acoustic midsection. It's up to you.

Have fun.

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