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Hi guys,

I have a vinyl copy of physical graffiti in fairly good condition, bought used at a record store for £10 a decade or so ago. On one of the inside sleeves is a signature - it looks a perfect match for those I've seen online of John Bohnham. I'm aware I don't have personal backstory for the signature, so I'm not sure if this has any value. Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere/someone who might be able to enlighten me on this and how I might go about selling/auctioning it?


Many thanks

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Bonzo's is the only signature I don't have, but from recollection, that looks pretty good to me. It's placement could also support authenticity: it's not front and centre on the outer cover, where a fraudster would certainly put it. Keep us posted. I'm betting that it's real, but again, I'm just guessing from memory. 

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