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Will Led Zeppelin ever record an album again?

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I seem to recall that they felt they could not continue as a band because they did not feel they were Led Zeppelin without their drummer.  However they have come back to perform live a few times since their initial disbanding.  So why not get back into the studio?  Plant and Page have recorded together, they have Bonham's son.  So why not?  It would be pretty interesting

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Yes, definitely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 hee haw

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They just did record an album (together with Kanye West, the greatest living rockstar in the universe).............pressed one disk of it (made of heavyweight hash chocolate), and sold that record for 80 million bucks to Gene Simmons, who ate it after listening.

This is strict insider information, so please don't tell anybody else.

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I really hope not. Another Plant Page collaboration would even be too much. I've been trying to absorb Clarksdale but the two main detriments are the terrible production and no Bonzo.

I can't understand why Jimmy didn't handle the production. He has had some experience. Seriously, Outrider leaves a lot to be desired but the production was great. When I listen to Clarksdale it is painfully apparent there is no Bonzo. If anyone ever came close to making the drums a lead instrument it was him.

It's sad to say for all of JPJs talent he is not missed but IMO the hallmark of Zeps sounds was largely the drumming of Bonham.  Aside from maybe Rush with Peart and Tool with Carey, no drummer was ever as important to a bands sound as Bonzo.

I love the live Plant Page stuff but they use an orchestra and a dedicated Hurdy Gurdy player to fill out the sound but a studio album with Plant Page Jones and Junior would be a disappointment and besmirch a brilliant legacy.

I love a lot of Plant's solo stuff but there is no expectation of hearing anything like Led Zeppelin. I never cared for The Firm with the exception of a couple of live boots in with Jimmy in great form .

I would much rather have an instrumental studio album of Jimmy and a real good band playing guitar driven hard rock and some blues. I don't even  think he has it in him.

After the tours with Plant I believe we heard the last of Jimmy. He can still play Zeppelin ( I was shocked that he nailed the Stairway solo in the o2 concert) but the H. in which he thought would make him more creative, took his creativity.

Funny or ironic that Plant is still remarkably creative , Lullaby is very inventive and IMO Manic Nirvana is as close to a groundbreaking post Zep masterpiece as it gets. The last time Page brought anything groundbreaking to the table was Presence.

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