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Need Advice for What to Buy Please

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So,  As per the title, I need help finding some more Zeppelin,  i have the following :


Zeppelin  I,  II,  III.  IV,  Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti,  Presence, In Through the Out Door, Coda, The Song Remains the Same,  the 1990 and 1993 boxed sets, The BBC Sessions, No Quarter, and Walking Into Clarksdale.    I also have much of Plant's solo CD's.


I am looking for ideas for my next purchases (new & used) at a local shop that has a pretty full inventory.  Looking for the rambling live shows where Page & Plant cut loose. especially when Plant folds in lyrics from old blues songs into Zepp's songs.  I dont want poor quality recordings done by audience members, just clear stuff please.


Ive heard that the "Avocado" album is good?  what else do I need ?  Please help!   Thank you!

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