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Who was or is the coolest person in music?

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I have a long list, but Zep members are interesting people, and Janis Joplin.

Sorry, I keep bringing up Janis but she is my second favorite artist/band second to Zeppelin.

Don't apologize - Janis is awesome! I listened to "Ball and Chain" the other day for the first time in ages - man, that girl could wail. God bless 'er. ^_^

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I found a link to Little Girl Blue just about 10 minutes ago. If you go to the last page of the Rer Caption Chatter thread it's there, I'll pm it to you. It was the first time I'd ever heard it and I was blown away.

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Well, Rock: Keith Richards

Jazz: Rahsand Roland Kirk

Funk: Bootsy Collins

Folk/country...: Neil Young, ex-aequo with John Hartford

bur overall, my choice is Mister Frank Zappa

I have to say, Roland Kirk practically defined cool. But I was thinking in terms of rock music, myself.

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