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Who was or is the coolest person in music?


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What do we all mean by "cool" ?

If we mean the most engaging person to listen to, someone with warmth, humour and lots of stories who would be just great to spend an afternoon in the pub with, then ... Robert Plant. I can't think of anyone else in the same league.

Anyway if you're reading this, Robert, I'll get the beers in, ok ?

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Never thought of JP rippin` off JP!

If anything The Toxic Twins ripped off The Glimmer Twins

Sorry;I shold clarify:I was commenting on the fact that certian people-regardless of the music-seem to believe that anyone ,regardless of musical style,who has a Les Paul and dark hair,is 'ripping off Jimmy',and I thought that pic would give them fuel for the fire.

The Toxic Twins didn't rip off the Rolling Stones intentionally,they were given both titles ("Stones clones" and "Toxic Twins") by the media,and just ran with it as a way to mock the press.They even tourned with shirts that had "Toxic Twins" as a logo (I have one B) ) loooong after they sobered up.

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