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I Need Some Help Or Opinions Regarding Definitive Versions...


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of a few shows I'm looking to upgrade if possible.

8/7/71- Right now t2 Casino  is my "go to" . I have EV Casino Royale and T2 Casino as well as The Robert Plant Experience by dadprog

1/5/69-  EV is "my go to" and I have heard a ton of variants I feel that such an important show has something better to offer

7/20/69- I have T2 and have not heard anything else. A show with the Destroyer moniker hopefully has a better document.

1/29/69- I don't even have a source for this one.

4/26/69- No source for this one.

6/25/72- I have Heartbreak Hotel GF, Burn That Candle and/or Burn Like a Candle from EV , Original Masters  but I favor an Incomplete Equinox Tape of the show.

I know 69 is a tough year with little soundboard material but aside from 1/11 LL Hang About (I love this one) , 4/24 and The TV /radio Denmark and the BBC stuff. I have a ton of sub par AUD tapes. If anyone would be so kind to point out something I may have missed. In some way shape or form I do have everything from 69. But the quality is weak considering the amount of shows I have.

1972 is a year that I feel I'm missing some better tapes. My best documents from this year are from Japan 10-2,3,5,9.10. Winstons 929 & GF 's Adelaide are my favorites from this years for overall sound

Any suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated. thank you


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For 1/5/69, the EVSD is it. There's really nothing else, just this one source with pretty much no frequency content above about 11kHz. There's a CD version and a high-res DVD-Audio version. I'd say save the hard drive space and stick with the CD version since they're both from the same source.

For 8/7/71, I know it's a cool show, but IMHO all the versions sound pretty bad. There's a 2nd source, taped by "Dr Robert," which surfaced in late 2015, which is supposed to sound slightly better than the more common source (which was the basis of every version up to late 2015).(Apparently the two tapers were friends and were standing next to each other when they recorded the show - go figure!

For 4/26/69, you definitely want to track down dadgad's version (Rev. 03) - best out there by a long shot.

For 6/25/72, they all sound pretty much the same to me. There's a non-label version purporting to be a 1st Gen, from a 32kHz DAT transfer, but despite the resulting 16kHz upper frequency limitation of this source, I think it's the clearest-sounding by a small margin.

7/20/69 is one of the few Zep dates I've never listened to, but folks who have say that the non-label 2nd Gen (which apparently also circulates with the incorrectly labeled lineage of "master->DAT") is an improvement over the T2.

As for the rest of 1972, it's unfortunately devoid of soundboard sources except for the snippets from 6/27, which appear on (or are very similar to) How the West Was Won in full multi-track glory. For the AUD tapes, I'd say Japan is the best, with 10/02 being my favorite - a great AUD recording, with the EVSD "Led Zeppelin Is My Brother" being the best IMHO.

For the Aus-NZ tour in Feb of 72, IMHO all the sources are overrated sound-wise, but I know there are some 1st Gen and 2nd Gen non-label sources out there that probably are the best-sounding, and in some cases also have been speed-corrected, which makes them the ones to have.

Of course the 6/9, 6/18, and 6/19 shows in 1972 are amazing performances, but the sources just suck IMHO. For 6/9 the TDOLZ is the best. For 6/18 the JEMS is the best. And for 6/19 it's EVSD's "Dancing Again."

People also like the 6/11 Baltimore show. Again, I don't love the source, but it's arguably one of the least-bad sounding 1972 AUD tapes, and it's complete. if you're interested, Liriodendron did a nice fan remaster, but there's a Master->DAT transfer that's probably a little better.

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Thanks so much for your time to reply. Im trying to consolidate and trim the fat off my collection. With some shows I'm content with one copy, the best one. With some, lets just say it's different.

1969 is a year that really isn't all that important to me but some of the shows are for the ages. The raw power and Jimmy's super clean playing cannot be beat. I'm real disappointed that 1-5-69 is as good as it gets. I will definitely track down the 4/26.

Sucks about Montreux , I still really enjoy it but I was really hoping something better was out there. 

1972 Drives me nuts. I have the 2 SBD tracks. For 6/25/72 I had been listening to GF's version until I stumbled across Equinox's effort and I find it to be better than , well, you name it. I sampled practically every one. I have TDOLZ and a Net Source for 6/9 both very enoyable. I feel real lucky with Baltimore 6/11 and Seattle 6/18 and Birmingham with a little EQ i'm very contents with many of the AUD tapes . 

.I believe I have seen The 6/19 Dancing Again very recently on a site I read daily. I'll have to revisit.

I agree that the stuff from Japan is about the best quality wise. Winston produced what I feel is a definitive tape of Osaka 9/29, I love the Dazed with the "pennies from heaven" interlude , I would think they did it more than once. 10/2 is among my favorites from all 72. I have a real good copy already but will check out your source. OG made a spectacular copy of 10/9 called The Campaign. I highly recommend that one.

Australia and Nz didn't yield on sonic sensations but GF's Adelaide 19 is worth it. Auckland by Ashka is REAL good too.

Just not much from 72. Someone is probably sitting on a huge stack of SBDs , just one of anything I mentioned would be fabulous. They where real hot that year.  Without a great full complete SBD my collection doesnt feel complete. Thanks again for your help.

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Glad to help! And thank you for the tips on the 6/25/72 Equinox version (I will take even a small improvement in sound, as I really like the Everyday People/Louie Louie/Thank You medley). And also thanks for the tip on the 10/9 show - I will check it out!

As for '72, yeah, it really seems like someone must have those 'boards, since there are a ton from 1973 and also some from 1971.

Oh, and yes, Winston's 929 is the best ever done of that show, no question.

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On 6/22/2016 at 5:27 PM, Jimmywalnutz said:

1972 is a year that I feel I'm missing some better tapes. My best documents from this year are from Japan 10-2,3,5,9.10. Winstons 929 & GF 's Adelaide are my favorites from this years for overall sound


Did you mean to leave off 10/4? I remember that one having very good sound, particularly the final third of the show. (Dazed-Encores) 


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No I like 10/3 and 10/4 a lot but my 10/2 show has the better sound quality. 10/5 is a real good show too. Clear and balanced but a little low. I have it on my list to replace. One of the second tier labels did it over as part of a box set  . It sounds like the sound was boosted but not a total EQ mash up. Last Stand? I'm not sure.  I have it written down.

Im still mystified with all the globetrotting in 72 ,one Soundboard didn't manage to get " misplaced"

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