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Beginner drummer here. 


Started out on a few Zeppelin songs today.  I had to pause to say sorry to the honorable Bonham for hacking up a couple rhythm and fills.  I promised not to give up though. Just hope his ears don't hurt in heaven.  I'll get it right. Promise. Patience!

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Hi Scott! :wave: Welcome to the forum!

I'm not a drummer (except in the air), but I would think as a beginner, starting with LZ songs would be pretty ambitious. Perhaps you could start with some Karen Carpenter songs. ;) 

Sorry, couldn't resist.  Best wishes in your drumming endeavors, if you get really good, post a video here for our listening pleasure. You are among some great drummers on this forum (again, not me, sadly).


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KC was the shit! if you have spotify, you can find backing tracks with or without drums for bands and standard tunes


ive been drumming for about 25 years and i've still loads to learn, best thing is to work on time keeping, counting in your head and different time signatures

you don't always need a kit, tapping thighs is a low cost low noise solution

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