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The Three Lives of Jimmy Page

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I am not some occult or "magical arts" authority but I have studied a lot of that stuff, done "rituals" alone and a bit in

groups for about 30 years. What was mentioned from previous recent posts would be interesting to know, particularly

how Jimmy used his occult studies etc. in Zep's music, and how he may have tried to emulate Crowley's(some, not all)

ways of living. Unfortunately, more than one Zep biographer, and myself, think that maybe ?? early in Zep when Jimmy

still had a certain discipline, and considerable willpower, perhaps he was seriously studying the occult. However by the

mid 70's , Jimmy seeing many women and starting on the heroin path, IMO the occult thing just turned into a self delusion

of great power. Jimmy did some amazing stuff on "Lucifer Rising" for Kenneth Anger, a rather abrasive character, but Anger IMO was right on target saying Page was at that point becoming a drug addict, and an occult dabbler. So if Page

had all these "powers", how do you account for the alcohol/drug devastation 77'-85' ?? And him being part of a serious 

occult group, unless someone knows 100% for sure, sorry I don't believe it. When Zep was rolling, all this intrigue seemed

possible. Now it just seems somewhat meaningless, Jimmy is just as human and vulnerable as anyone else. A musical wizard, absolutely. Otherwise no.

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11 hours ago, Jukkin said:

I'd be interested in just how seriously he took his research into the esoteric arts i.e. was it a fascination that he held for some years or was he seriously trying to become Crowley-like in the extent of his powers and knowledge? It would be interesting also to discover 1) How did this knowledge affect his life - not talking about selling souls or crap like that but did the effect it had on him give him the drive to push the band on or 2) did he run from what he had found into addiction? Finally, what influence, if any, does his research and discoveries have on his life today? He sold Boleskine house, was that a sign he was finished with his research and beliefs or had he moved beyond what Crowley could then give him?

I know, it's all questions, but all I've heard over the years is speculation on whether he was/is into black magic, a sorcerer or sold his soul. It would be interesting to read from the horse's mouth what impact it has had on his life and to what extent it might still play a part.

I'd say he most definitely desired and attempted to become CrowIey-esque. I don't think selling Boleskine (late 1991/early 1992) was a sign of discontinued interest in Crowley at all. I was very surprised he sold it, but I think it had become more trouble than what he felt ownership was worth. He wasn't about to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a property he seldom visited. It worth mentioning the world premier telecast of No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded was October 12th (Crowley's birthday) and the album cover for Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: Live at the Greek uses occult symbols.   

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1. Crowley and his followers have some interesting ideas, but Crowley was a troubled individual with drug problems. He was not a "sorcerer;" more like a wealthy person with a lot of time on his hands who used it to indulge his interests in Egyptian mythology, poetry and sex and devising a religious belief system that focused on his philosophical ideas.

2. Page may still follow Thelema, in which case he would not want to discuss it. If he ever believed in "sorcery" or "black magic" he would probably be embarrassed to discuss it, unless he still believes in these things in which case no way would he discuss them.

3. Who wants to look back at their darkest days? If Page (or Charlotte Martin) suffered serious mental or physical illnesses, they probably don't want to discuss them outside of a psychotherapist's office. Who wants to have those intimate/frightening or possibly embarrassing details picked over by millions of people and the media? Certainly not Jimmy Page who is a private person.

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Some great points and insights in this thread - I'm enjoying finding out a lot of stuff about Jimmy's involvement that I had previously been unaware of.
Crowley has pretty much been characterized as a devil worshiper or a sorcerer  by the the more garish British newspapers, and then I see this (just now):

"In 2002, a BBC poll ranked him as the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time."

That surprised me just a bit to say the least. Makes me want to find out some more about just who this person was.

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Before typecasting Crowley, I would try to read a few diff biographies about him. The complicated thing is that , yes,

part of the time he was certainly a bit of a prankster, but a decent amount of time his spiritual quests were dead serious,

if strange or weird to common folk. He still was basically a Christian, but he had no scruples whatsoever at using any

current or past religious(or sometimes barbaric) ideas or system to attain enlightenment or oneness with divinity.

Again, some of this is sullied by his addictions and wildly varying dedication to his spiritual quests. Just to steady his image, he had a wife and daughter, and there is not one peep about him ever mistreating them. Also, Crowley along

with other pro climbers scaled Mt.Everest numerous times, no one is going to tell me that Page drugged out and reciting

obscure occult texts would make it up even 1000ft up the peak. And Page always having trouble talking about the occult

with interviewers, anybody would. Serious occultists look upon every thought, physical action or any activity in the existing

world as magical, by any entity. Magickal practices are different in that you are trying to by ritual, visualation, or

concentration on some goal or outcome, to force a result. White magic, Grey Magic, Black Magic, blah, blah. Now you

know why Page likely just shut down the interviewer. Concerning physical troubles, I really think Jimmy definetly had

stomach or digestive troubles, quite a ways before the alcohol/drug troubles.

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I would love to hear some REAL info on Page's extent of involvement with the occult. If he was in some actual groups

trying to practice Magick, were the members sworn to secrecy, or who knows what ?? The probably greatest known

group ever was the Golden Dawn( now Thelema ??) which most occultists recognize as pulling a wealth of spiritual/Magickal knowledge together and having famous members besides Crowley( Dion Fortune, Mcgregor Mathers).

The funny thing is that despite some of these high aims and supposed altruistic practices( sometimes achieved, I think),

The members would often have rather public feuds and throwing curses at each other. Crowley and Mathers were

supposedly for a long time in a Magickal war. Back to Jimmy, I know much is a secret, but just know that people joining

ceremonial Magick groups do so for many reasons, not all good or lasting. This is why if Jimmy was in a group or groups,

someone could have come forward after Zep(no more physical threat from Grant or Cole). Or it's entirely possible that

Page opened his wallet and got some voluntary gag orders. Bowie mentioned something in a book about some very

odd things happening around Page, but sorry, Jimmy's overall discipline and will was eroding by the mid 70's. Jimmy's

heroin devastation wasn't anywhere near Crowley's. Still want more info, but there is so much total nonsense around

the occult , good reason many sane people disavow it.

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I'm about halfway through the book, I'm finding it a bit boring.  Nothing sensational, but at same,time nothing revelatory.

hoping it gets better, but it's just ok so far.  

The author is taking the task seriously I will say that, but he lacks insight. 

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Ha Ha, not sure I've heard any writer, journalist, blah,blah ever say they got much insight into Jimmy. However there is

one pretty long interview right before the Knebworth shows( I saw it in Creem magazine). No occult secrets or groupie or

drug talk. But Jimmy talks about all kinds of things, showing high intelligence and keen interest in many matters. He was

drinking Pints of lager during the interview, but hardly seemed like someone strung out on Heroin.

Gonna check the book out at Barnes& Noble, my gut feeling nothing new.

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I finished the book.

Mostly just a rehash of already well known facts, sewn together in a neat, yet ultimately somewhat boring format.

no insight, no new sources with inside info.


Barney Hoskyns book is my Gold Standard, the best by far.

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I've just finished reading this book. on the whole I found to be a pretty good read. I think I found the first part on his pre zepp career to be the best part and had a few quotes from others I hadn't seen before.

for someone who hasn't read or doesn't own the numerous books available already (I have about 50 so am pretty well versed) its a pretty good starting point.

as usual there always a few myths that get reported as fact and this has a few of them; bonzo eating a million bananas leading to the 80 gig cancellation, that there were up to 180000 at the second knebworth show, that they had to put on that second show due to demand, when we know that was always the plan from the start, and a few others I forget.

but generally, not too bad though we didn't really learn anything majorly new, but then I doubt that will ever change

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