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I love In Through the Out Door and the songs on Coda from In Through the Out Door sessions! Can you imagine what Zeppelin would've gone on to do if Bonham hadn't died? They were fantastic in their final years! After Celebration Day they should've made an album with Jason! I can't stop listening to Darlene over and over! It's such a fantastic song! And the best part about ITTOD is no plagiarism like on their earlier albums! I mean seriously the only song on Led Zeppelin I that wasn't copied from someone else was Communication Breakdown! And ITTOD features exclusively John Paul Jones on keyed instruments which is where in my opinion he was totally in his element. He's definitely the most talented member of the band. If you haven't listened to ITTOD I recommend it! 

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I don't want to offense you but it's a bit weird to recommend people to listen to an album that pretty much 99% of the people on this forum already listen to (whether people like it or not) , I mean the forum isn't named "hard rock blues" but "Led zeppelin" :)

"Can you imagine what Zeppelin would've gone on to do if Bonham hadn't died"

Well probably Jimmy page would have, look at him on the 80' europe tour,  he's not in good shape at all.

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eeemmm " In Through The Out Door" you say? :Thinking: Oh I know is that the one in a brown paper bag? With multiple inner sleeves? Released in 1979? Just after Knebworth? The one with hot Dog on it?............ Never heard it !

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