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Chicago - Sept. 5, 1971 Photos / Review

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16 hours ago, IpMan said:

Good point, and, maybe I could have made it up front as the audience would likely part due to the urine odor wafting off of me. Once at the front of the stage, Jimmy could have seen this skinny, piss soaked 9 year old, taken pity, and invited me on stage to hang with the boys. 

Opportunity missed, I will now cry myself to bed.

Nowadays some fans wear disposable adult diapers to general admission shows, not out of necessity but so as not to lose their spot. 

Personally, I have no desire to experience relieving myself while Bono warbles With or Without You right in front of me or just nearby.

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Dio once saw me pissing at the stage during a concert (I did choose to do that during a piece of the song where most lights were out, but halfway thru the proceding they all went on at once). He gave me a "oh you nasty boy" grin and shook my hand :-)

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