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Zeppelin at Chateau Marmont 1969, Jay Thompson photo

Alexis Brooks

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Does anyone know how to find an original print from the original negative of Zeppelin sitting outside of the Chateau Marmont in 1969?  The photographer Jay Thompson (British) has passed away with very little estate or contact information.

greatly appreciate any clues.


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There are some b&w prints available here:


Also, one of the photo agencies who represent his work sell digital files which you can get printed:

http://www.alamy.com/search.html?qt=led zeppelin chateau&imgt=0



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Thank you for your reply.

Sadly these are just reproductions and stock agencies that have printed digital prints of this image. I am looking for an actual print from the negative by the photographer. Any clues on Jay Thompson's archive or estate would be helpful.
Alamy, Getty, Artspace, Celebrity Vault all have this image and claim to to have the rights and "prints" Somewhere at somepoint had to scan the negative to sell a file to these companies. 


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53 minutes ago, Alexis Brooks said:

Somewhere at somepoint had to scan the negative to sell a file to these companies. 

I doubt that is necessarily true. Some of those companies operate like pirates, gathering and allegedly stealing images from wherever they can get them, and then claiming the "rights" to them. Perhaps it is worthwhile for you to contact Eddie McSquare, author of Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times or the publisher, Bobcat Books in New York City. They had used the image in flawless full color for the book's front cover. The book was published in December 1991 (pre-internet era) so perhaps they used a negative of some sort. 

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Alexis , I first met jay Thompson through a friend of his that I worked with in Beverly Hills in   1977. She was a model/ hostess , and I was a captain, (waiter). I needed head shots and she called jay. He took three or four rolls of film at his studio and gave me some of the prints. He also gave me a book he published in 1971 and signed it. He was  a true zen spirit. She left for Japan on a modeling job and I never saw either again. John Lennon did the forward for his book. He was truly a gifted artist. Sadly he passed away at 68. Best to you. Joe Capone. Los Angeles California...

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