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Favorite Movies of Led Zeppelin members?


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Well, it's probably not "The Song Remains the Same". Or "Lucifer Rising".

I can't say I have heard any of them discuss movies in any detail, but I reckon the 1957 flick "The Girl Can't Help It" is among their favourites. 

Since they invested some money into the projects, the Monty Python films would also seem to be a safe guess.

Given Robert Plant's sense of humour and his love for old Americana music, I think he must have liked "Oh Brother! Where Art Thou?" Probably enjoys the mockumentaries "This Is Spinal Tap!", "A Mighty Wind", and "Best in Show".


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Both Jimmy & Richard liked the Night Porter

Robert is a huge Monty Python fan as was Bonham and...


I believe JPJ's favorite movies were Prince Valiant and the documentary 1,000 & 1 stupid haircuts of the 20th century


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