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Favorite LA 77 show

Favorite LA 77 show  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite show of the LA 77 run?

    • 6/21/77 (aka Listen to This Eddie)
    • 6/22/77 (aka Thirty Years Gone)
    • 6/23/77 (aka For Badgeholders Only)
    • 6/25/77 (aka Badgeholders' Annual Meeting)
    • 6/26/77 (aka That's Alright)
    • 6/27/77 (aka Deep Striker or Just Can't Be Satisfied)

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I was surprised there wasn't a poll for this already. I know some will say that ranking favorites is splitting hairs, and to be fair they're right :P. Ultimately, we should just enjoy the LA 77 run in all its glory and appreciate that we can listen to six complete shows from a great period (however brief) in Zeppelin's live career. That being said, however, I love listening to others views when it comes to their favorite shows and moments, as it can sometimes make me appreciate the show, or a certain song from it, in a whole new light. What is your favorite show from this great run?

Mine would be LTTE. The most consistently good performance of the run, imo, and Bonzo is in absolute BEAST mode here!

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That is my favourite era. Yet i have heard/read some say that is their least liked. Because i had not got and heard a lot of the stuff until i got info on here, 77 was the era i listened most. Maybe its because i have heard it more that the rest, Rather than it being better. That i am not sure about. That tour just does it for me, BIG TIME.

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77' Was my favorite tour as well. I mentioned before this tour was a mixed bag of sorts but in the end we had a good 50% of the shows as quite good plus an additional 30% which were not only excellent, but likely some of their best live performances. However it is always the 20%, the real turds, everyone remembers. For every fan who loves 77' and point out NY, LA runs (most of the 2nd leg actually), and the later part of the 1st leg there are three fans who gravitate toward the travesties such as Tempe.

Oh well, can't make everyone happy. At least Robert never stopped singing in the middle of a set, stood there like an asshole making shitty comments, then walk off and blame the "monitors."



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