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John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes


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John Paul Jones, Anssi Karttunen and Magnus Lindberg Announce New Project and Live Debut in Helsinki, Finland on the 5th April 2017.

Coyotes are versatile and resourceful animals. They quickly adapt to an environment which is constantly modified by humans. As human activity changes the landscape, the coyote’s range expands. Coyotes are socially highly flexible, living either in family units or in loose packs of unrelated individuals. Coyotes are often said to be tricksters that can assume the form of a man or a coyote. The coyote uses deception and humour to rebel against social conventions.

These three musicians cover between themselves an uncommonly vast area of the musical map from Kraft to Dazed and confused, Minibus Pimps to Toimii, Accused to Ghost Sonata, The Thunderthief to Mystery Variations and more. They are all known to be curious minds, always ready to learn and to discover. When they improvise, borders disappear, they are free to migrate beyond prejudices, across continents. In a world where walls are being built and people are told where they can’t go, Tres Coyotes want music to be a place of openness.

“Tres Coyotes” will be making their debut live performance at The Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland on 5th April 2017.



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On 1/30/2017 at 2:54 PM, Oleg said:

I have tickets. Anyone know how I can meet John in Helsinki?

I really do wish that I could help you, but who knows? A band of four men once wrote something, that probably won't help either but one never knows. You could try to,

...walk the town,
Keep a-searching all around,
Looking for...
John Paul Jones

But in all seriousness, have a great time at the show!

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The others compose and play modern music, what some call "modern classical", which is a misnomer since classical music covers from about 1770 - 1820.  It is very edgy stuff, quite interesting and it is not surprising to me that the man who wrote and orchestrated the end of "Snake Eyes" would be into it.  Look them up on YouTube.  Some amazing stuff.  Lindberg even wrote a piece called "Graffitti".  Imagine that.

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On 30.1.2017 at 10:54 PM, Oleg said:

I have tickets. Anyone know how I can meet John in Helsinki?

Try catch the hotel where he stays. There´s only few where he might stay during his stay. Hotel Kämp is almost opposite of Savoy theater, across the Esplanadi  (main boulevard in Helsinki) and it´s the best one in Helsinki.

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JPJ yesterday in Finland with Magnus Lindberg at Savoy-teatteri. Tres Coyotes perform their debut concert there tonight. http://www.savoyteatteri.fi






Led Zeppelin -tähti John Paul Jones, Lindberg ja Karttunen ovat Kolme kojoottia. Tänään klo 19





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4 minutes ago, SteveAJones said:

Seems to be one of those digital advertising marquees that are also becoming all the rage in Asia. They're great for promoting events but are making it more difficult for collectors to find printed posters.

There were printed posters as well.

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Article (Google Translated)

Tres Coyotes combined with Led Zeppelin legend, the modern composer and cellist.

The first gig is always nervous. So even the band, although its experience is second to none.

Tres Coyotes coyote that is made up of three Led Zeppelin rock legend himself bassotelleesta 71-year-old John Paul Jonesista , the modern composer the world's peaks calculated for 58-year-old Magnus Lindbergistä and the world's top orchestras cellist international career luoneesta Anssi Karttusesta , 56.

- Näkyyhän let our passion? Jones asks the IS from the other gentlemen naurahtavat.

Coyotes first live gig is at the Savoy Theater in Helsinki today. There will be three virtuoso performance that is based on improvisation.

- I am certainly most of us done anything like this, do we Zeppelin played with the sheet music. I know of course notes, because I worked as a studio musician before Zeppelin, says Jones.

Lindberg describes the band's music by comparing it to a sudden ice hockey - and football.

- This is like hockey. Press the straight forward. We do not share each other yellow and especially not red cards, Lindberg explains.

So everything is permitted, as Masters are on the job and the music is done live, in front of the audience.


Coyotes had their origin in the Stockholm Polar Music Prize ceremony. Jones and Karttunen visited there when the composer Kaija Saariaho was awarded.

Karttunen introduced later Jones Lindberg.

- This is our first live, but we are certainly playing together, they say.

But is the time right now suitable for this kind of high and low culture unification? Would it be responsible for the successful, say, 20 or 30 years ago?

- When I was studying more than 30 years ago, modern composing, was very strict what was allowed and what is not. However, it is important to stretch those boundaries, says Lindberg.

- When I went to London to study at the age of 18, I was so far focused only on classical music. But faced by London locals were much more diverse. After that I tried to catch them and listen to all kinds of Australian Aboriginal music Led Zeppelin. Only by being open to everything I can to develop yourself as a musician, says Karttunen.

The trio sees minded encounters between musicians as important.

-They are the key to the new. Before we played with Jones on violin and mandolin a note, we were not able to know what is happening. It was magical, Karttunen says.

-Pasi Kostiainen


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