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Hi guys,

I wanted to introduce you to my band, based out of NYC.  We are called Dogz of Zeus.  Some of our material is more metal, but our rock and ballad stuff is very influenced by Led Zeppelin.  I wanted to share a couple videos of one of our more mellow songs called The Circle to see if you guys can dig it:



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I am the guitarist for DOGZ OF ZEUS. Just putting this out there. The DOGZ are all about the music. Besides that we are here and always been here to help in any way musicians who  need advice or tips to save a lot of time and money with guitar tones, instruments ECT. There are certain ways to record and certain tones that can not be obtained with effect boxes. It is all in the delivery and handle of the guitar and amp. I you like what you hear and have any questions about guitar tone, amp’s ect. Please feel free to ask.

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If you do like our stuff, we have two albums available at cdbaby.  I provided links below:


STONE GOSPEL- our second album, which is a diverse spiritual concept album, more classic rock n hard rock with a touch of metal


Dogz of Zeus self titled first album, mostly hard rock n metal influence


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