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Best Version of 6/25/77?


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Apologies if this has been discussed before (I did a brief search of this site and Royal Orleans and could not find anything)...

I've been looking for the best versions of each of the Millard LA tapes, and this is the only one I haven't found any discussion/consensus on.

From what I gather, the best version of 6/21 is the Winston Remaster, 6/23 is either the DragonFly vinyl or "Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band", and 6/27 is either the Winston Remaster or "Last Sunset in LA".

So what's considered the best version of this show? Is it Winston or something else?

Thanks in advance!

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Just listened to that show , Winston's version. It's outstanding, I can't imagine needing another version. Great show for '77...in some ways better than the others of the run, especially the latter half of the show. It builds nicely. 

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25/06 - I only have a box set. (seems I downloaded the same thing twice!)

For Badge Holders Only EVSD

25th is "Badge Holders Annual Meeting"

1. 21/06 Listen To This, Eddie!!! (Empress Valley EVSD 465-467)
2. 22/06 Thirty Years Gone (Empress Valley EVSD 468-470)
3. 23/06 For Badge Holders Only (Empress Valley EVSD 471-473)
4. 25/06 Badge Holders Annual Meeting! (Empress Valley EVSD 474-476)
5. 26/06 That's All Right Mama (Empress Valley EVSD 477-479)
6. 27/06 Just Can't Be Satisfied (Empress Valley EVSD 480-482)

PM me for more info ;)

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Since we're talking about multiple shows from the 77 Forum run, I'd recommend the following:

6/21/77 - Winston Remasters

6/22/77 - Four source lowgen mix

6/23/77 - Winston Remasters (the vinyl version is good too, but I prefer the Millard tape version)

6/25/77 - Winston Remasters

6/26/77 - Dadgad version

6/27/77 - Winston Remasters or Dadgad Remasters (I haven't listened to this in a long time, I remember liking both)


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Millard's, and what he ^ said. Raw form is available for each but people put time into putting the best sources together and gently tweaked them, so of course those versions shine more than other versions. Balance between EQ'd and amplified to hell by bootleg companies and the raw form is the way to go. These gigs kick total ass and in my opinion are the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin's live career, PERIOD. They finally found the heaviness of their albums, a "When the Levee Breaks" type of sound, and were able to take it to the stage and be dark and deep, yet tight as a band and Robert making the absolute most of his voice, Bonzo being better than ever , Jimmy being heavier and darker than ever (In My Time of Dying from '77 and also the 5/30/77 soundboard come to mind), Jonesy putting 101% at all times. 1977 kicks total ass ladies and bros. ^_^ My favorite versions of The Song Remains the Same, Sick Again, Over the Hills, SIBLY, NQ, In My Time of Dying, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Stairway, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Trampled, Communication Breakdown, all from 1977, i could go on but I'm not... They just hardcore, heavy, and fun.

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