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Led Zeppelin hours after the 2007 02 show

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There was an after-show party held at the 02's Indigo, which many ticket-holders attended, but if I recall correctly only Jason & JPJ made an appearance, as Jimmy and Robert opted to celebrate privately with family and close friends.

The first known public appearance following the 02 show was Robert Plant the very next morning. He encountered two fans while walking thru a park near his home in London and they had a brief conversation about his future plans. The search function should reveal the link, as they also provided a photograph.

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According to the Paul Rees bio, Plant went off to a kebab restaurant in Chalk Farm after the o2 show, to reflect away from the celebs that were going to be at the after party. In addition to the midlands, I think he has a place in Primrose Hill (?) which is round the corner from Chalk Farm.

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RE: Posts asking what ea. member did after the show, here is what Robert did:

According to Plant biographer Paul Rees (in his book “A LIFE”), promptly after the 02 show concluded Robert opted to leave instead of hanging out with the VIP crowd (which included Jagger, McCartney, etc. all the beautiful and hip divinities) and went to the Marathon Bar in Camden, close to his home in Primrose Hill.

I went to London last week and while there I went to see the Sisters of Mercy at the Roundhouse, which is across the street from the Marathon in Camden. The place is not a bar, but a mom-and-pop self-serve kebab little humble joint- which makes Robert's decision extraordinary! Take a look at the pic below. The place is so ordinary I wont blame you if you think I am full of full of sh*t!

So, with an immaculate buzz after our concert, and for $25 pounds, my cousins and I bought three Kebabs and thee Cokes and "partied" where Robert  ate hummus after he conquered the reunion of all reunions! 



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