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Take me Home/ She Left Physical Graffiti out take

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previous topic on this track a long time ago-

correct title is "She Left"

bootleggers got this confused with the original working title of In the Light which was Take Me Home.

Lyrically it does have some of the same patterns as ITL.  The instrumentation is all over Custard Pie & Wanton Song to name a few.  To me it is a huge loss not to have been fleshed out in this form- pure LZ.  Fantastic to think tho that 3 tracks may have stemmed from here.


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This sounds much much better than the tape and cd version from decades ago. What an example this is, of a band in total creativity....so great. I don't think the lyrics can ever be deciphered, or matter...the core of the band is right there to hear. 

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Yeah, particularly the ? opening funky track, in other forums and Zep books this is actually considered a lost Zep classic. It

reminds one slightly of Wanton and Custard, but stands on it's own. In fact I had this track in the late 80's, and was gonna

have my band tie up the loose ends and play it out live. Never mentioning it's Zep....but alas the rest of the band just couldn't

nail that peacock strut. Jonesy and Bonzo, Forgettabboutitt.

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Well, dunno for sure, but actually it does sound much more Fenderish than a Marshall. Marshalls tend( Jimmy's, anyway) to

have more chime and bottom end on his clean tone, whereas Fenders clean( definetly variations, though) tend to be stout

and midrangey. Really need that picture, actually.

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I doubt this song was officially recorded for PG, but the rehearsal jam should've been included on the PG companion disc. I know Jimmy tried to stay away from items that have been bootlegged, but there was enough room on the disc to include this great little song that is considered the predecessor to "the Wanton Song."

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