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How did Zep travel between shows before the "Starship"?

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I've read the books and seen almost every photo, but I don't recall reading or seeing anything about how the band traveled in the early days. Did they have a bus? Are there pics of the bus or the band on it? Did they magically teleport from show to show? Can someone give a reference to something about their early touring that describes their road experience?

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Per Richard Cole's book(s), they predominately used commercial aircraft in the US prior to leasing The Starship. They also used a station wagon rather extensively on that first US tour, which he discusses in his book(s). In Europe and Japan they tended to use the trains often.

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4 hours ago, dpat said:

Heavy leaded fuel:  Ass, gas or grass; nobody rides for free!

first us tour 68.jpg

*Yes, I know it's "LED"...


This is making me laugh WAY too hard.  Thank you.  


On 8/13/2017 at 3:50 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

All I can picture is the car from National Lampoons Vacation.

That is absolutely where my mind went too.  😆. She’s packed and ready to go!


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