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Zep III original Diament CD cover wrong colours and channels reversed


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Hi everyone. Newbie to this forum but certainly not where Zep is concerned. Originally purchased Zep II in Summer 1970 and have all the first UK pressings, Remasters Deluxe reissues, and three different CD collections. Concerning the original Diament releases; I have a few duplicates of the various cd's but noticed the other day that on one of the Zep III's has the wrong colours on the front cover. For instance, where the correct cover has centre left a red object with a yellow circle inside, this version has a blue object and a blue hue that goes up and into the centre of the cover and down to the 'III' legend. Also, the right and left channels are reversed with Jimmy's guitar coming in on the right hand channel. My other Diament issue has the guitar correctly on the left as usual. Maybe this is common knowledge in Zep collector circles but does anyone else have one of these ?

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