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Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert


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Homosexuality was still illegal in Britain up until 1967. The Beatles formed in 1960. I'm afraid they would have been jailed. Every reason for keeping quiet.

Plus, people would rather admit to murder than admit to gayness with close bandmates/friends, esp. in the public eye, esp. back then.

Although, I don't think they were gay....At the time John and Yoko got married, it's pretty likely Paul was about the last thing on his mind. According to most accounts, John was completely enthralled by Yoko at that time (and not in a romantic way but more in the way a cult-member is enthralled by their leader). He and Yoko were quite nasty to the rest of the Beatles, as well as most of the people who worked with them. This was because they were oblivious to and dismissive of all other human beings.

During the recording of "The Beatles," John had a bed brought into the studio so that an ill Yoko could be there 24/7. She had him convinced that she was his artistic equal (and, therefore, one of the two greatest artists of all time).

I think that any indication of love for Paul that John may have expressed would simply be an extension of his histrionics. He was living out a (common) script in which he's abandoned by everyone he ever loved (beginning with his mother who died when he was a teenager, long after she'd abandoned him to live with his aunt). "Loving" Paul allowed him to include Paul in the list of people who victimized him this way--if he didn't love Paul, then it wouldn't hurt when Paul (for numerous reasons) pulled away.

Paul, in the meantime, seems like a homebody schlub who always needs a woman in his life to sit around and smoke pot with.

Just keep an open mind because no-one really knows ANY of these people.

I promise I won't say another word tonight on the subject!!!

Actually "Bertha", in regard to Page and Plant, someone in this very thread does in fact know these people.

Nice edit btw. "Oops double post" my behind. Too slow.

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we'll see when the tell-all book comes out in 2035! :P

dude, what str8 guy wears this: (and yes, I know it was the 70s!)


And not to offend anyone, but so what I've said this several times, it's not like stuff doesn't get repeated ad nauseam on this board.


I understood that those blouses Robert wore were given to him by female "friends" he met while touring....?

And honestly, the man could have paired heels and a purse with those blouses and I'd still never believe he and Jimmy were canoodling. :)

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we're on a anon bulletin board on the WWW - why not be friendly to a stranger?

anywho, you made the assertion that someone this board knows these folks, and i just asked who. that's all.


Get real. "Ooooooooh do tell!". Your sarcasm betrays you. Friendly and familiar are two completely different words.

Are you really gonna pretend it's shocking that someone on Led Zeppelin's official forum knows someone from Led Zeppelin? You're hysterical! There's dozens.

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