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Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert


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oh GOD!!! stunning...Robert doesn't look like him here but still he's SOOOOO handsome, so...so....hot...i'm lost for words, really............ :banana:

and Jimmy is very handsome too...his hair are so beautiful, his smile etc - just everything))))

but still..if i had to choose...it would be definitely Mr Plant... :rolleyes:

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^ That seems to be like everyone's favorite picture of the two of them together...'cause that is like the thirtieth time I've seen it in this thread :lol:. I love it too :D. You're all welcome for my "finding" it like a year ago or something thankyou.gif:rolleyes::lol:

I love that pic but my favorite is actually the first one in this thread... just adorable to see how good friends they were (and hopefully still are) :)

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