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Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert


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what's up plantadies and pagettes, I've had a rough day. I need some of the hottest photos you can find of Robert and jimmy to bring me back to life. I look like a zombie that just got ran over by an 18 wheeler.














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There's something sort of folkloric (like if Snow White and Rose Red were boys) about the contrast in appearance and demeanor of these two. JP really lucked out when Terry Reid sent him to RP. All that talent and intelligence but with the perfect look too.


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I found this beauty on facebook

How right the two boys in the picture were in the end, lol!

These boys became the best rock guitar player and singer you could wish for.....

I always like seeing Robert and Jimmy together. It's the contrast between them. Blonde/dark, outgoing/more mysterious.

Well, you get the point, they indeed are and light and shade.......

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On 3/18/2014 at 9:48 AM, ORNE said:

Looking for records ...


Now that is how you hold a record without touching the surface...

Don't feel like trawling through this thread but there is a pic of Page holding a branch on the beach with just small (at the time) briefs.

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