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hahaha.......that's funny

can you say addicted to starbucks? ;)

:lol: That would be a safe assumption, yes! In fact, after I post this post, I'm a head toward the fridge and have one of these, chilled, doubleshot_new.jpg

in one of these pretty cups: coffee.jpg

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Grolsch Beer was one of my favorite's but I was known to try any beer or ale in a flash.

I'm clean a sober now 2 years

I love Grolsch Beer because of its packaging--ya don't need a darn bottle opener for the bottles! ;):beer:

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And if you're homebrewer they're perfect for bottling!! :D

^ :lol: Yes! And the bottles are so gorgeous! I'd use them as suncatchers or salad dressing dispensers. Wish they came in cobalt blue too, haha. But I guess that wouldn't complement well, the beer hue inside. ;)

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Arizona Tea company put out a new tea mix I love. It's green tea with pomegranate flavor.

I have to watch what i put in my body so closely these days this is the one drink besides water with the least amount of side effects.

I never realized how root beer has a ton of sodium in it. I have to be low sodium now. :(

And I love salty food. :(

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